Monday, March 21, 2011

desire with no fuel to burn

Lusting over right now. Remind me that I HAVE to get a job!

photo credits: random images from oracle fox, ensemble and shoes from la garçonne, other shoes from urban outfitters, amulet pendant from rejoice the hands, rings from maniamania, other jewellery from luvluv erin wassen, freakin awesome dog ring from verameat, outfit from pixie market

Monday, March 14, 2011

super flat

givency fall rtw '11, via, goody smiley flowers by murakami, screen shot from bbc's art safari feat. marukami

Friday, March 11, 2011

shoe feti-iisch

i am having trouble accepting that none of these shoes will probably ever be in my possession...

Friday, March 4, 2011

my life in black and white

vintage floral jumpsuit, sportsgirl cropped knit

homemade black booty dress, vintage button down, yellow swatch watch, homemade fluro bikeshorts

the last few days my outfits have reflected ease and wearability. riding to uni everyday means that my outfits have to be rather simplistic.
apologies for the very unsatisfactory photo booth snaps. i promise to commit to some better outfit shots in the future.
actually these photos don't really illustrate my outfits very well at all. remind me to step away from the camera when i next attempt this kind of shot. close up is not always the answer.
for now, I am off to a job interview! wish me luck non-existant readers...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

when i cannot sleep

when i cannot sleep
i lay with my legs up against a wall
and my back flat on the floor
somehow the force of gravity
or some thing like that
causes your eyelids to flop closed
and your mind to relax
spread out
if you like
and become simple again
eventually this feeling flows all through your body
and you drift
into a sleepy kind of trance
where you are conscious enough
only to slip your legs
down the wall
and under your sheets
cold from the crispness of the wall
and the lack of blood
or some thing like that

by gaby

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

his name was peter

yesterday i found a wallet
at first all i could think about was the reward
that someone would later thank me
for picking up the cards which had been scattered all over the road

i found a man around the corner
in a house divided down the middle
with a green fence
and no doorbell
he said his name was peter

the tattered old wallet belonged to a peter
a peter who had been broken
and then stuck back together
probably with sticky tape

he held the wallet tenderly in his hands
checking that nothing was missing
i had already searched it's contents
his contents
their contents
and found three hundred dollars, a train map and some photos
the goody kind with starry borders
and love hearts

he said he had a tough day
and his mind was all fuzzy

his eyes wandered
but i knew that he was grateful
he roughly pulled a fifty dollar bill
from the wallet i had found
but his wife shook her head
and gave me a twenty

i did not want it
took it
and they smiled

the next day peter came around the corner
to my house
i was not home
but he left some flowers
the kind which open into beautiful blooms
with little speckles
no doubt from the sun
and a card
which said "Thank you Abbie"

i did not care that my name was not abbie
because it did not matter

by Gaby