Monday, October 31, 2011

monday morning discoveries

So, i realise that it isn't morning anymore– but sometimes I wish the morning would last the entire day. There is something so inspiring, fresh and lovely about mornings, which seems to fade as the afternoon makes itself known.
This morning I handed in a whole wad of assignments, which I have been working tiresomely over for the last week. I actually loved working on them, and feel almost sad to see them go– they were like my little gems, glistening pools of collaborated inspiration and aspirations. I felt so proud taking them into uni this morning and genuinely love the outcomes.
Isn't it lovely when things turn out the way you imagined they would. It doesn't often happen, but when it does, it makes all the hard work and effort seem oh-so worth it. I nurtured my ideas from conception to final production, and what came out of it was two beautifully concise and polished projects.
It is not often that I can speak like this about my work, and it feels lovely to be able to do so.
Lovely seems to be the word of the day. Everything is just so....... lovely!

And so, this brings me to my two lovely discoveries. In my morning browsing, (which actually occurred in the afternoon) I stumbled across two little gems; a little blog called Five words tell a story, and a gorgeous piece of visual merchandising by the lovely (there it is again!) Arnsdorf.

Here is the mantra from Five words- such a lovely idea....
Five Words Tell a Story is the love child of two girls, with too many ideas and no spare time. The premise is simple. Bring a situation or message to life in merely five words, daily.
Easy, right? We'll soon find out...
And of course, some of their five-word creations. I can just imagine how many of these will pop up on tumblr.... the messages are just so sweet and heart felt.

And now the Arnsdorf project:
I cannot express just how much I love everything about this. I am determined to get my hands on one of those divine brochures– not to mention my lust for one of the actually pieces of clothing. I have a feeling that the former goal is slightly more within reach than the latter...

And just before I sign off, a little mention of my goregous Anonymous reader. Thankyou for your lovely comments...I will endeavour to write here more often.

Okay, until soon my lovelies!

Monday, October 24, 2011

i'd blog that

I saw this on tumblr and thought it was definitely blog-worthy...

Pretty much my life goal...

Friday, October 21, 2011

isabel lucas x asos aus

welcome asos to the land of aus.

who better to honour this moment than the lovely (and very australian) isabel lucas. you all know how much i love this girl!

oh look pretty pictures >>>

(images via oracle fox)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

by go-ohd he is lovely

such a beautiful person

jude law seems just to get better with age

my love will never die....

Sunday, October 16, 2011

tumblrrrr blorrrrrrg

snap shot from my tumblr...kind of loving the way it looks at the moment.

ch-ch-check it out here

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

party animal

snaps from the mulberry party in london.

i mean, dang what a cool party, ey? could there be anything more banging than blow up animal balloons, kitschy food trays and zebra print toilet paper........ say what? yes i did just say zebra print toilet paper- how freakin' cool!
when i'm rich and famous i WILL have parties like these EVERY weekend- just you wait and see!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

all about isabel lucas

my current obsession is with this lovely girl...

so whimsy and stylish at the same time

serenade her here

i am now on tumblr too!

check out my psychadaelic jumble of inspiration here

Saturday, October 8, 2011


outfit inspiration...

electric blue and fluro yellow are the colours of happiness, wackiness and awesomeness.

what a pleasant stumble

i am enjoying flicking through the posts of my recent stumble-upon.

style by kling
by the lovely elin kling.

check out her oh-so-stylish blog here

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

on sale

these two alexander wang numbers are so beautifully reduced over at la garçonne.
they are calling my name.....

the dress is just so gorgeously perfectly drapey and the sweater- so awkward. gosh i love awkward sweaters...

a-wang asymettric drape dress, and chunky roll neck sweater.

find them here

friends looking fine

our friends bambi and hanne-gaby looking lovely as always

pics via oracle fox, and yup thats a link. i can be bothered today :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

drapey babey

amongst the hard edge lines of wang and the bold prints of rodarte is something much softer.
the flowing fabrics and drapey sheer-ness of the givenchy, helmut lang and narcisco rodriguez collections were like a breath of fresh-air amoungst, what is otherwise, a season of crisp lines and tailored beauty.
I love the clashing angles and soft changing forms created by such gorgeously light and airy fabrics. the confident use of bold colours is some what accentuated by the comparatively innocent whites and pastel tones.
i can only just imagine how glorious it would be to wear one of these outfits- so flowy and lovely!

images via
collage by me

blorg lurvin

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Monday, October 3, 2011

they don't call me baggy for nothing

as i seem to be on a bit of a roll with dorky childish photoshopping, I decided to just continue on feeding on my cheesy obsession.

these clutches are all some clutchable. i mean- they are all so wrong yet so right.

I love the fuzzy growliness of the miu miu monstrosity and the jelly gooeyness of the christopher kane. wang wang's almost ear-muffed mirrored wonders are just SO GLAM and jil sanders pyramid rock generally speaks for itself- the triangle is the most perfect shape did you know?

all piccies from net-a-porter

from left to right (that doesn't make sense, but i;m sure you'll work it out...)
jil sander, christopher kane, proenza schouler, miu miu, christopher kane again, a wang, alexander mcqueen, proenza schouler again, dolce and gabbanna, wang wang returns.

keep laughing my dainty ragga-muffins


Sunday, October 2, 2011

hunky spunk

I am loving the juxtapostition of teeny-tiny strappy breakable wang still-et-toes*

*gosh i HATE that word- don't you just imagine some boozy bleached hair, pencil lipped, bosomy woman raving about her snazzy stilettos to her wholly disinterested tattooed, moustached greasy boyfriend, while sipping cheap wine and smoking smelly well i do and it's GROSS! So lets not use that word, instead we will call them something which grants them the sophistication they deserve.........a wang bebes!

okay, back to my inspirational rant about shoes......

I am loving the juxtapostition of these gorgeously winged a wang bébés and the clunky crudeness of marni, and burberry platforms. I have an intense soft spot for hugely chunky shoes and really cannot image wearing anything else. Everyone of my pairs of shoes has some kind of over-sized feature- somehow they balance out my body and ease my fear of looking like a dreaded triangle.

Here is me showing off some dorky photoshop skills. please excuse my lame-ness. I can't help myself sometimes......

Saturday, October 1, 2011


brrrrrr. it's cold outside.
image inspiration....

hanne-gaby, wool, blonde hair, waffle knits and rumi's patchwork philip lim leather shorts, isabel marant s/s rtw 2012, epic celine burgundy platforms, helmut lang s/s rwt 2012- i.e drape-mania, karen walker sunnies, dreamy chanel boy in strange helmut.

images via fashion toast, anniemaaal, harper and harley, wanderlust, even and odd (see lovers list for links.....i can't be bothered...)