Thursday, January 31, 2013


I just had the most ridiculously foodie day. Almost as ridiculous as this weather! One minute its warm and sunny, then next its bucketing down and storming! Make up your mind Melbourne!
Anyway, I thought I should share my epicurean moments from the day!

The day started with my usual breakfast very much inspired by this

Then I hopped off to Prahran for my current favourite salad at St Edmonds . Followed by a lazy cup of tea and the crossword (indulging in my Nanna tendencies).

I then had to sample one of Mister Nice Guys cupcakes. Lets call it market research for my birthday cake!

And finally a stop at Spud Bar for dinner. Seriously satisfying day of eating!

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Thai beef salad and tea from St Edmonds. 
Berry boom mini cupcake from Mister Nice Guys.
Fresh veggie sweet potato from Spud Bar (I actually had the chilli bean, but was too hungry/greedy to take a pic- so i'm recycling an old photo- sorry lorry!)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

blogger series: part 2

Next up in my blogger series is the lovely Natasha from In Search of Sadie.

what are you wearing right now!? 
A pair of printed flares and a vintage Texas tee.  

your most wanted clothing item right now?? 
Right now I'm trying to find the Alexander Wang Neoprene Mini Dress in my size! I also still want those amazing Chloe Susan boots!

signature dish? 
Roast Vegetable Quinoa, I also make a Raw Carrot Cake & Raw Chocolate Truffles all the time, my go-to bring along dishes.  I'm actually cooking all the time for my food blog!

style/fashion muse…? 
I love late 60's style icons like Joni Mitchell, Charlotte Rampling & Jane Birkin.

three things I absolutely can't live without…? 
Water, air & food... unless we are talking fashion, then I would say my Balenciaga cut out boots, denim cut offs & biker vest. 

top three celebrity girl crushes…? 
Natasha Poly, Sasha Pivovarova and Magdalena Frackowiak

top three celebrity boy crushes…? 
Young Leo, River Pheonix, Johnny Depp

my daily reads…? 
online? My two very talented friends at Oracle Fox & Studded Hearts, I also read Oyster Daily &

if i could live anywhere in the world…? 
Tokyo, hands down the best city I have visited!

best dream ever…?
I'm not sure, I never remember them! 

the most baben person I know is…? 
my girlfriend Hirschy, total babe! 

Check out Natasha's blog In Search of Sadie here and her tumblr here yummy food blog here

Sunday, January 27, 2013

visions of summer #2

Another inspiration post serenading my favourite season- summer.

Friday, January 25, 2013

givenchy pre fall 2013

The culmination of cow print and leather usually has me thinking of dukes-of-hazard-esque cow girls and those mexican throws you find hanging on the backs of sofas and combi vans. However in Givenchy's pre-fall venture-of-sorts, raw cow hide is sophisticatedly prim.
The limited colour palate and geometric patterns makes for an edgy, masculine silhouetted collection. Paired with equally masculine brogues the looks steer almost too closely to a male's collection. I say almost because the subtle hints of feminism introduced by the high leg split skirts and suggestion of a waistline are really its saving grace.

I am really enthralled by this collection. It brings together everything I feel is relevant in modern dressing right now. Simple lines, limited colours and a hint of androgyny. Even the way the collection melds into night attire is exciting, made even more so by the ever-changing backdrop.

I know it is a bit of an image overload, but I seriously couldn't justifying leaving out any of the looks. It somehow ruins the story if you don't look at this collection in its entirity.

Givenchy Pre Fall 2013

My two favorite looks by far

The ruffles and reef sandals here are so great!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

serial re-blogger

Yes I admit, I am a serial re-blogger. One look at my tumblr is enough to accuse me of such a crime, but alas I am not ashamed.

The fact is however, this Ksubi lookbook is darn right fab, and worthy of a thousand re-blogs if not more. Montana Cox is one serious babe, and Ksubi is just down-right happn'in. I am dying inside right now and I bet you are too.

Ksubi autumn winter 2013 lookbook
photographed by darren mcdonald
styled by christine centenera
modeled by montana cox & vinnie woolston