Friday, January 25, 2013

givenchy pre fall 2013

The culmination of cow print and leather usually has me thinking of dukes-of-hazard-esque cow girls and those mexican throws you find hanging on the backs of sofas and combi vans. However in Givenchy's pre-fall venture-of-sorts, raw cow hide is sophisticatedly prim.
The limited colour palate and geometric patterns makes for an edgy, masculine silhouetted collection. Paired with equally masculine brogues the looks steer almost too closely to a male's collection. I say almost because the subtle hints of feminism introduced by the high leg split skirts and suggestion of a waistline are really its saving grace.

I am really enthralled by this collection. It brings together everything I feel is relevant in modern dressing right now. Simple lines, limited colours and a hint of androgyny. Even the way the collection melds into night attire is exciting, made even more so by the ever-changing backdrop.

I know it is a bit of an image overload, but I seriously couldn't justifying leaving out any of the looks. It somehow ruins the story if you don't look at this collection in its entirity.

Givenchy Pre Fall 2013

My two favorite looks by far

The ruffles and reef sandals here are so great!

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