Tuesday, June 29, 2010

back to it...

omg patter-rrrrrrns!
Lets talk about pattern, NO WAY. Let's talk about pattern, OK!

Sorry, I had the sudden urge to rant about pattern like a technological tween. But the use of pattern in the resort collections had this effect on me- like a sudden wave of juvenile excitement, that made me want to put every piece of patterned clothing I own on and run around singing the tune that ice-cream trucks make.....
SERIOUSLY it is that good. I mean ok, Missoni are renowned for their pattern on pattern layering and Balenciaga for their futuristic colour-ways, but this somehow all just came together, and blew my mind.

Yes! are you nodding your head in agreement and appreciation of the perfect balance of grandma knits and futuristic orbitals (whatever that means..). In case your not.....heres some more patterny goodness...

The Erdem print reminds me of Tavi's nebula shorts, and a shimmering ocean (you know the kind- when you go on a beach walk at night and you shine your torch onto the softly flowing sea....... maybe not, but i assure you it looks like this!). And the burnt, kinda seventies still life print by Stella McCartney is everything that regular itsy bitsy kitchy floral prints are not- feminine, strong, organically fashionable.....

Well, without saying too much more about resort, my overall opinion of the collections was that they were surprisingly great. The designers/design houses presented collections which showcased something much more sophisticated and deep- many comparable to fall/spring collections. This I find quite exciting and refreshing, and love that it leaves me with a minty-freshness, like i've just brushed my teeth......perhaps like a pre-dinner mint, or palette cleanser for whats to come......


Friday, June 25, 2010

just in case you've forgotten about resort 2011...

Well, I'm sure many people have moved on from the resort collections, but i am still very much absorbed.
One thing that particularly jumped out at me, as a common theme amongst collections was the vibrancy and great utilisation of colour:

Suddenly in the midst of a very controlled, clean-cut, almost clinical series of looks, a sudden pop or dash of colour would exude, in the shape of a bag (i.e celine) or floor length graduated dress. I find this so exciting and in an instant adds a sense of character and depth to the collection.
Its so magical the way colour can do so much, in small doses. The fluro, boogey green clutch from celine, although very much like the proenza schouler bags, is so invitingly radiant and clutch-able (if that makes sense!)

I guess, in risking saying too much and blabbering about the 'deeper meaning of colour', what I'm saying is that colour seems to make everything much happier and exuberant. I'm not saying that people should plaster their bodies with every colour of the rainbow and then run around the garden singing songs from 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor dream-coat', but I think a splash of colour in any outfit can really do wonders..........just a thought really!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

resort 2011, instalment one

After traipsing through countless resort collections, i have stumbled upon a few main themes; the first of them being a kind of soft, angular paleness, which seems contradictory beautiful and enticing. The sweet young aroma of pale skin and juvenility are combined with this harsh, striking contrast between black and white, and i must admit i am totally digging it.
I can feel myself falling into the welcoming grasp of minimalist dressing (almost but not quite), simply for its beautiful neatness and clean feeling. The crispness in a simple, impeccably tailored dress is mesmerising...

i say almost, because (this brings me to my next instalment) the pattern and colour within some of the resort collections made me gasp with pure joy.......i will, however get to this later.


(alexander wang, celine, stella mccartney, calvin klein, proenza schouler, calvin klein, michael kors, calvin klein)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

the light at the end of the tunnel

Now that exams are over, i feel the need for a change- to introduce something new into my life, which at the moment is completely dominated by study, study, study and study.
Soooooooo, thus explaining this blog.

I want somewhere to express my ideas, compile my inspiration and just generally muse over anything, and maybe one-day have other people read and comment.... just a thought.

So in the wake of a busy chemistry-filled week, and after the slaying of an exam (which still remains in my mind like a looming monster disguised in my chemistry teacher's wooly mammoth coat) i am feeling inspired and slightly euphoric. Bar the forthcoming week of school i have a seemingly long and relaxing 3 week break from the mundane stress of year 12, and am already planning how to spend it.......sewing....drawing.... painting....creating and a lot of thinking.........

Here is what i am currently thinking about, while dangling off the cusp of my current sewing project:

some christopher kane bustier gingham action, and the gorgeous hanne-gaby (via style.com)

baggy, draped softness of rachael comy cropped tanks and runchy shorts (via la garçonne)

the pale sweet smoothness of the lonely hearts LONELY collection

fairy lights above your bed (via lolita)

illustrations by robert frank hunter

i'll let you know how it goes- knowing my very primitive sewing skills, what seems like a good and simple idea will end up terribly wrong!!

this concludes my very first blog post