Friday, June 25, 2010

just in case you've forgotten about resort 2011...

Well, I'm sure many people have moved on from the resort collections, but i am still very much absorbed.
One thing that particularly jumped out at me, as a common theme amongst collections was the vibrancy and great utilisation of colour:

Suddenly in the midst of a very controlled, clean-cut, almost clinical series of looks, a sudden pop or dash of colour would exude, in the shape of a bag (i.e celine) or floor length graduated dress. I find this so exciting and in an instant adds a sense of character and depth to the collection.
Its so magical the way colour can do so much, in small doses. The fluro, boogey green clutch from celine, although very much like the proenza schouler bags, is so invitingly radiant and clutch-able (if that makes sense!)

I guess, in risking saying too much and blabbering about the 'deeper meaning of colour', what I'm saying is that colour seems to make everything much happier and exuberant. I'm not saying that people should plaster their bodies with every colour of the rainbow and then run around the garden singing songs from 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor dream-coat', but I think a splash of colour in any outfit can really do wonders..........just a thought really!



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