Saturday, July 28, 2012

prada on a whim

hello my lovelies

remember these beauties from the prada spring '10 collection?

well today, on an absolute whim, I finally purchased a pair of the self-same glasses. having been preoccupied with their gloriousness for sometime now it was a bit of a no-brainer.
I was initially tempted by the vivacious garish green pair, but soon settled for the safer option; clear with grey lenses.

if only i had a pair of these chandelier heels and jangle-jangle opulent, fish-net dress to match. i would then be able to dance around in absolute prada, ascetate-be-jewelled glory

i am so smitten right now.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

printed material

There is something so endlessly pleasing about the tactile nature of printed material. I have an overwhelming love for magazines (my ever-growing collection reflects this passion with rather graceful gusto) and will, with minimal encouragement, gush profusely over the plethora of visual wealth and inspiration I receive from the glossy pages of a double page spread.  
I thought, in honour of this love, I would dedicate a post to my favourite magazines. 

I am currently crawling back with apologetic guilt to the dusty, doily-clad pages of this darling publication. The world always looks more rosy with a Frankie clasped in your hands. Best enjoyed with a cup of sugary tea, preferably served on vintage china with a jammy dodger teetering alongside.

Literally an epic explosion of colour and calamity, effort-fully bound into a hefty publication. Jack-full of inspiring introductions to the world's creatives. Tavi was here, Brittany Spears collaborated with Murakami, Cindy Sherman popped by and even Elton John made a candid appearance. Only 2 issues a year calls for rather epic impatient yet semi- blissful anticipation.

I hate oysters– I question as to whether anyone actually enjoys the slimy saltiness and shrivelled grey snottiness of such shell-encased grotesqueness, or just slurp away with a false sense of pleasure simply for the unordained prestige of such expensive foodie items. 
Not that Oyster magazine is anything like an oyster. Full of rad bottoms and hip n' funky rollers like Bambi and Lara Bingle, this zine has never failed to please. And at only $10 it is a pleasurable steal– unlike its unappealing namesake.

I was inspired to purchase Lula after Tavi and Rumi both professed their love for this publication. Girlie would be an understatement– riddled with pink and misty lens photography, this magazine makes it ok to wear fluffy pink jumpers and sparkly shoes. A little too feministic at times for my liking, but the pretty pictures have me swooning in delight, soon forgetting my aforementioned criticism.

Friday, July 20, 2012

life with bird

Just returned from a shopping trip to le cité, where I perused then swooned, then hastily purchased at the life with bird sale. 

These two items were just too good too leave hanging in store.

(couldn't find a picture of it in the grey, but you can get an idea here)

Also, I just had to post these two pictures side by side. They are made to be together and are reminding me of the blissful sunshine and warmth of PD. May I add just how rockin that jumper is? It is like an amalgamation of that drink and a this christopher kane skirt.

Both images are from my tumblr

when i grow up

this is what i want to be like when i grow up

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the essentials

Makeup is one of those highly personal and often awkward topics, especially when it comes to recommendations and tips. I thought, in spite of this, I would do a post on my makeup essentials and loves.
Don't get me wrong, my knowledge and proficiency when it comes to beauty and skin care is meagre and desperately sub-par, however I do have a routine and favourite products.

My everyday face routine consists of a daily UV protect moisturiser and tinted moisturiser followed by a varied combination of bronzing powder, blusher and mascara depending on my mood and daily activity. I like to keep things natural and minimal. I think it is so important to wear a sun protecting moisturiser everyday– even when it is cold and the sun is not evident, UV damage is always something to be conscious of. 

I also cannot live without a good hand cream and multiple sources of Paw Paw cream– especially in winter when the cold air adds to skin and lip dryness. 

Scent-wise, I cannot go past Miss Dior Cherie. I really like the idea of having a recognisable scent– something that people link with you and identify you by. For this reason I tend to stick to the one perfume.

1. L'Oreal triple active day
They no longer make this product which is a serious shame because it is fab. Good thing I stocked up and now possess a potential life supply of the stuff. God only knows what I'll do when my stocks run out :O

2. Clinique Moister-surge tinted moisturiser: 
Possible the lightest, smoothest, most lovely feeling tinted moisturiser on the market– feels like you are wearing nothing and looks so natural. What you wear when you don't want to look like your wearing anything (make-up wise that is ;)

3. Bourgeois Rose blush

4. Clinique Perfectly real make-up

5. Clinique curling mascara

6. Revlon ColourStay mineral powder

7. Miss Dior Cherie au deu parfum

8. Lipsticks (L'Oreal Sandalwood beige, Clinique 24 Nearly Violet, Lipstick Queen Wine Sinner)

10. OPI (Teenage Dream, Hearts & Tarts )

12. MAC Eye/Lip liner
My secret to long-lasting red lips 

13. Clinique Facial cleanse

14. Clinique deep comfort hand and cuticle cream

For those of you who like these kind of 'makeup-bag' posts, check out Rumi, Demmi, Sarah and Annabel's.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

travel diary

Finally some pics from my recent trip up north... 

for anyone travelling to port douglas here are some must dos and sees:

Jungle Island: tie-dye emporium and happy hippy shop
Port Doug market: every Sunday. You will find craft, organic produce, and local artists

Eat & Drink:
Bazaar at QT: New, market place style, grazing experience– quite unlike nothing else.
3nineteen: $5 sangria cocktails from 4-5 everyday. sip happily while watching the sunset over the water– absolutely magic!
Coffeeworks: Bit of a drive out of town, but defintely worth the trip for locally grown coffee beans and organic, (vegan!) chocolate.
Golden drop: Wine made from tropical mangoes– what is there not to like!

Bike riding: Grab a cruiser and ride along 4-mile beach. If your lucky the wind will propel you the whole way. Definitely the best thing to do while at Port Doug.
Jet-skiing: If you are lucky enough you will see dolphins
Snorkelling: Take a trip out to the Low Isles, or like us head off to Green Island for a few days– seriously magical place.

I recommend staying as close as possible to the beach and shops– it means you are just a lazy stroll from everything you could ever want. If you are looking for more of the resort experience, you cannot go past the Sheraton Mirage. Yes it may be terrible outdated with it's tropical themed carpets, but the pool and facilities are beyond amazing.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

resort '13 wrap up, part #2

in continuation of my last 'wrap up'...

resort is fast becoming my favourite collection of shows– bypassing the likes of fall and spring with such gusto. i feel that designers are really out-doing themselves this year, and are giving us collections which are on par with the main season releases. I find myself even more excited, enthralled and inspired by the resort collections of some houses, than their fall/spring ensembles. 

10 crosby derek lam
sky blue, shopping bags, white

calvin klein collection
ribbed fabrics, longer, shin-length hem-lines, flimsy fabrics contrasted with clean edged stiffness, centre-parted hair, high necklines, emerald green

christopher kane
peach tones, cropped, oversized sweaters, candy colours, boy-ish silhouettes, high necklines, quilted leather, sun-ray pleats, parted, slick hair, masculine tee shirts

stiffly ironed pleats, triangular silhouettes, washed denim, boxy leather, white-on-white, red wine lipstick

issey miyake
bubbled silhouettes, peach coloured leather, icy blonde hair, lacey hems, 

reed krakoff
fringing, dropped waist lines, pale-on-pale skin layering, orange, blue, nude, box-like cuts, clean tailoring

see by chloé
gathered waists, shin-length hemlines, grey marl knits, metallic capped shoes

the row
leather, high necklines, deep magenta, long, straight, blonde locks, roll necks, oversized leather jackets

Monday, July 9, 2012

bonds bottoms

newsflash/ heads-up/ by-the-by...bonds are having a sale
I just snapped up these bargains

get them here, here and here