Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the essentials

Makeup is one of those highly personal and often awkward topics, especially when it comes to recommendations and tips. I thought, in spite of this, I would do a post on my makeup essentials and loves.
Don't get me wrong, my knowledge and proficiency when it comes to beauty and skin care is meagre and desperately sub-par, however I do have a routine and favourite products.

My everyday face routine consists of a daily UV protect moisturiser and tinted moisturiser followed by a varied combination of bronzing powder, blusher and mascara depending on my mood and daily activity. I like to keep things natural and minimal. I think it is so important to wear a sun protecting moisturiser everyday– even when it is cold and the sun is not evident, UV damage is always something to be conscious of. 

I also cannot live without a good hand cream and multiple sources of Paw Paw cream– especially in winter when the cold air adds to skin and lip dryness. 

Scent-wise, I cannot go past Miss Dior Cherie. I really like the idea of having a recognisable scent– something that people link with you and identify you by. For this reason I tend to stick to the one perfume.

1. L'Oreal triple active day
They no longer make this product which is a serious shame because it is fab. Good thing I stocked up and now possess a potential life supply of the stuff. God only knows what I'll do when my stocks run out :O

2. Clinique Moister-surge tinted moisturiser: 
Possible the lightest, smoothest, most lovely feeling tinted moisturiser on the market– feels like you are wearing nothing and looks so natural. What you wear when you don't want to look like your wearing anything (make-up wise that is ;)

3. Bourgeois Rose blush

4. Clinique Perfectly real make-up

5. Clinique curling mascara

6. Revlon ColourStay mineral powder

7. Miss Dior Cherie au deu parfum

8. Lipsticks (L'Oreal Sandalwood beige, Clinique 24 Nearly Violet, Lipstick Queen Wine Sinner)

10. OPI (Teenage Dream, Hearts & Tarts )

12. MAC Eye/Lip liner
My secret to long-lasting red lips 

13. Clinique Facial cleanse

14. Clinique deep comfort hand and cuticle cream

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