Saturday, May 28, 2011

we're off to see the wizard

hippy pants at sportsgirl and inside out sushi from kenzan plus being a complete loser with the camera

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


am still very much obsessed

Sunday, May 22, 2011


am loving the bleached hair look at the moment

wish i had the nerve to do the same

all images via jak & jil

Friday, May 20, 2011

ode to lovelieness

the blogs of awesomeness

bask in their loveliness...

who stole the pixie's dress

here is a list of basic awesomeness. and yes i know. bit slow on the whole lita boot uptake. wasn't all that convinced of their awesomeness until i tried them on last week and was like, shit, these are awesome!
so i am also basking in the awesomeness of khaki, and fur bags- might try and diy one of these muff babez. and the proenza goddess bracelet are the pinnacle of awesome- friendship bracelets meets grappling hook, meets camping avatars.

olive cape parka from pixiemart, jeffery campbell lita from solestruck, katherine fleming fox shoulder muff from opening ceremony, proenza schouler bracelets

Monday, May 16, 2011


finally got my hands on a copy of the latest POP magazine...

full of everything i love- sunglasses, peggy, mc queen and tavi

Sunday, May 15, 2011

pretty in peach

oh how terribly cliché. i make myself cringe....but these lovely girlies are looking rather splendid in this pastel hue....

demi and natalie both wearing the mango collection dress (am loving the way the wind looks rushing through that gorgeous chiffon)

images via natalie off duty, and chicmuse

Saturday, May 14, 2011

well that's just nice isn't it?

satisfying my current sunglasses craving- for now, within my very meagre student budget.

from possibly THE coolest shop on the plant, urban attitude

eye candy

illvestiva and karen walker= sun gods

get them here

(and a little bit of leo)

Monday, May 9, 2011

i do like a bit of dion

I think dion lee had quite a task in presenting his spring 2012 collection. after such a stellar display of exquisite design in his last collection, one could not imagine that he could produce something nearly as great. i must admit that i was quite doubtful that he could replicate the stunning-ness of his last display- which literally took my breath away. the silk fabrics and crisp colour was gasp worthy.BUT, dion does
not cease to amaze the senses, and although his spring 2012 collection may (i say may with a touch of hesitance) not meet the standards of last seasons, buttttt it comes close.
the first looks replicate that crispness and formality of line and tailoring that we love, but the later looks took on a much breezier, lighter and much more feminine feel. I loved the freshness of the fabrics and their un-crisp appearance. some dresses even had a crumpl
ed (gasp!) look to them, contrasting so beautifully with the structured bodice seen earlier in the show and the layered tailored blazers and right chokers.

I must admit too, that I feel that the runway shots of the collection do not do the justice or capture the 'spirit' of the garments as well as the back stage images do.
When i first viewed the collection (via the runway shots) I did not really 'feel' the collection. but when i saw the sunny, light breezy images taken before and during the show I felt i understood dion's vision more, and could appreciate the delicateness of the pieces.

all images via

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

well isn't that just a little bit lovely

Review-ettes from Rosemount Fashion week

Kirrily Johnson: I found this collection a little bit awkward to be honest. Everything from the not-quite-angular cut pieces from the stance of the models- who, i must say, look like they have been forced into rigid pieces of cardboard, and had their hair plastered to their eyelids- sound uncomfortable (yes!), look uncomfortable (yes!). Aside from this, I am digging the orange.

Romance was Born: bloody weird- to be honest. But oh, how I love a bit of kook. 'Would you like some zaniness with that quirk'. This collection is like a cosmic collision of Pocahontas meets princess layer/ mermaid princess who happen to bump into a psychedelic hippie from the 60s and R2D2 from Star Wars. Am I also noticing some Cleopatra influences?

Lover collection: am feeling a little bit lack luster after flicking through this collection. i feel as though it is almost hitting the mark i would like it to hit, but somehow is falling short. the sheet lace and strong red feels oh so right, but somehow the rather wishy-washy skirts and soft lines leaves me feeling...well rather un-satisfied.