Saturday, February 25, 2012

urban outfitters

this lookbook/photo story from urban outfitters is just so great.
wowza at my lame description, but i am certainly not lacking enthusiasm (despite what it may seem).
you all know that i am a bambi fan and UO groupie, and this is pretty much why.

love love love

all images via the UO blog

inspatron number infinity

just a little bit of inspatron for my funk-é bébés.

definitely channelling a bit of Howard Walawitz hip thrusting motions right now....

Friday, February 24, 2012

bracelet issue

I have an un-assuming yet all-consuming desire to load my wrist with funky chains and awe-inspiring jewellery.

A simple watch and chain link bracelet is not enough to satisfy my armlet dreams– no i want friendship bracelets galore, rose gold plated coolness against my skin and spiked atrocities, threatening to dig and dive into my very flesh. gory yes, worth it– you bet.

These are my latest wanties...

wolf circus fish bone bracelet

my little fish eye spiked friendship bracelets (every colour is amazing, but my faves are this, thisand this)

asos neon spiked wrist band

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I am becoming more and more obsessed with Ksubi. Save for there near-impossible to announce name and super-tramp ugly foot wear (those leopard print stilletos are literally vomit worthy) I am going crazy over their wares.

I stepped into their chapel street store today–greeted by the lovely spicy yet tropical scent of their epic scented candles and the eye-opening, gasp worthy discovery of so many divine clothes.

The dresses are one thing, but the singlets and tees are also just so fab.

I heart Ksubi.

oh, and just a by-the-by; i freakin hate top shop. it is an aesthetic nightmare crammed with disgustingly cheap and nasty scraps of clothing (if you can even call it that) which is both ill fitting and poorly made.

images from the WAR here for more

Monday, February 20, 2012

happy birthday

just bought these puppies

thanks mum!

karen walker soul club wood/yellow

STOP! It's sparkle time!

Every once in a while, I re-light my ever burning obsession with glittery sparkles. Suddenly all I want to do is cover myself head-to-toe with all things sparkly and dance around my room to endless repeats of Foster the People's 'Waste'.

Today these glitter-bug leggins' were torn out of my wardrobe with ultimate enthusiasm, and have been sported ever since. I don't think the people at officeworks had ever seen such rad-ness in a pair of pants.
My sparkle-darkle bag (discovered en route to the bakery) is every bit psychedelic and perfectly sized. It has not left my sight since purchase.
Annnnnnd not to forget OPI's amazingness– a culmination of katy perry and nail laquer goodness, 'teenage dream' is exactly that– a dream!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

leave NOTHING to be desired

These two things have my mind doing backflips in envious anticipation and desire.

And, yes, i know– friendship bracelets are getting a bit old, but there is nothing more groovy than this taco-d version by lucy folk. it has been on my wish-list for over 4 months now, and with my birthday literally just around the corner, its day of reckoning may be nigh!

And in more recent desires, a tie-dye tee is a must must must. I am determined, however, to find one of these psychedelic creations en lieu in an opp shop, and not give in to the convenience and ease of this asos silk beauty (as tempting as online shopping is). The search has begun!

what is tickling your fancy today béb? would love to know!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Creatures of the Wind

I just discovered this collection by Creatures of the Wind. I know, right, who and what on earth is Creatures of the Wind and why have i never freakin bother to find them until now.
Apparantly they are a freakin (sorry for the crudenss) awesome fashion house excreting über collections like this one at a rate that is far from healthy.

This spring-summer '12 assémblégé (too many accents– get over it...) is like an intoxicating amalgamation of print, colour and crispness, threatening to disjoint Skippy and his beloved cornflakes after the very first look. Even the dead-pan Daria models have me choking, exuding 'this too cool for school' rad-ness that is now causing me to get asthma.

And yes, I have included the entire collection– don't complain, there is room for everyone...

Creatures of the Wind- spring/summer 2012