Wednesday, February 1, 2012

i wii-ish

my birthday is looming– and a rather epic one it is.
twenty sounds oh-so much older than nine-teen.
there is something almost scary about losing the -teen suffix and entering the twenties. i am not so sure i am ready to abandon my teenage years. somehow i don't think my teen-angst and mood swings will disappear so readily!

my wish list is rather wilted and lacking in substance. i am (embarrassingly) going through one of those 'i-don't-really-need-anything' stage, where I am having trouble committing to any purchases/lusty desires.
quite a strange phenomena for someone who usually cannot go a day without seeking out a new 'wantieeeee' for her ever growing list.

karen walker number 6
gorman paperbag shorts
lucy folk gold taco bracelet
blue pantone iphone case
opi polish in brights power
lula magazine #13
oyster mag #97

1 comment:

  1. i know what you mean. I turn twenty this year and am starting to feel not so youthful anymore! oh and i love those karen walker sunglasses