Friday, December 23, 2011

have a very pantoney christmas

for those of you who know me, you will be aware (mildly at the least) of my Pantone obsession.
and, yes, i know, most people will be thinking what on this gohdly earth is Pantone. yet in my lazy pre-Christmas bottomly state, i do not have the effort or flow of words to formulate a satisfactory answer. and so, i say, thank goodness for wikipedia. read-up my colour-ignorant freundlings.

for those all-knowing individuals, you will no doubt understand my gasping joy when i spied these classy little numbers oozing from googl-ling searches.

behold the Pantone bauble. trumping the wits out of the Pantone mugs and iPhone/Paddy whack cases with a generous nudge of Christmas spirit. i mean imagine (just image my darlings) the ornamental delight of an entire tree covered in these sparking, colourful wonders. truly a graphic designers every wish would be granted with such a spectacle!

however, due to my locational flaw, these babies will not shower my very spirit with colourful joy this merry season...but being patient individual (i had to force myself not to type darling there. i mean, only true hedonistic hyaenas call themselves a 'darling') i am happy to wait until next year. or the year after for that matter.

what colour would you choose?

i guess in a rather diagonal manner, I am attempting to write a merry christmas message to all my happy readers.
thank you for the darling messages and engaged patience. hopefully the new year will see a boom in happy customers (could i call a blogging follower such a name?) and inspirational moments.

Merry merry christmas my dears! jingle those bells til there's no tomorrow. pear those partridges and red nose that reindeer– christmas is here!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

put that on your wanted poster

la garçonne is, in my case, a no-fail pick-me up. one glance at their "new arrivals" section has me grinning from ear to ear.
and yes, I know, not everyone will have the same cheshire cat reaction, but it is worth a look anyway.... check out the babe'n site here

every visit to this online boutique of epic awesomeness brings a new "most wanted list".
My current obsessions are tassels, baggy pants, knitted shorts, booty-boots (similar to bossy boots only cooler) and of course, karen walker sunnies– but you knew that already didn't you (cue cheeky all-knowing smile...)

drum roll please.............

rachael comey harem pants, wendy nichol bullet bag, rachael comey birdie boot, a-wang shorty shorts, vpl bra, karen walker shades.

i sigh at the beauty of these few items. so pretty, so chic (who says that....?). I reckon chic (pronounced chique– french accent is more than necessary here) is a bit like sassy. you never really think to use it, and when you suddenly do, it emerges from your mouth like some archaic piece of word vomit, hurtled through time and wind pipes by some drunken, confused and slightly romantic Scotsman (undoubtedly buried in your stomach)....

definitely words i need to use more often

Friday, December 2, 2011

knocking my freakin socks off

you all know i love this stuff
i've written about it like a gazzilion times before. okay maybe once... but whose counting anyway

i am not going to shy away from my love of gawdy prints and tacky patterns.
and, hey, if i want to dress head to toe hawaiin print, then i should be able to without the scornful disapproval of the so-called fashion police. silly mexicans

stella understands better than anybody just how damn freakin cool that would be.

want want want want

and a little late addition....

Monday, November 28, 2011

flipping the bird

i am channeling some pretty crazy vibes at the moment– pretty much in keeping with my mood/personality.
i am literally going crazy over this dolce and gabbana baggy too. my infatuation has enveloped into a cyber-stalking sesh of any lucky fruitcake who has one. demi from chicmuse is high on the stalking list– what a babe she is. i mean honestly. WHAT A BABE!
Annnnnnd speaking of fruitcakes- who new gorman could be so witty. these high waisted bikinis are rad and the model wearing them, even radder. not to mention that epic fruit hat. i think i am lusting more over that tropical turban concoction more than the bathers themselves. I mean imagine sipping on fruit cocktails in the sun while fashioning such an eye-catching beauty! wow– if that's not béb-a-licious, i don't know what is.

and to top off crazed tirant of fashion musing– karen walker has pretty much blown my socks off with this new collection. those glasses take 'cat's-eye's' sunnies to a whole new level. i was still infatuated with her previous collection, and then BAM, WHOWZA, KAZZAM, out jumps this epic chunk of karen walker wisdom.
the mop heads are funky too. am considering donning a similar mop hair-do. what do you reckon? too wan? maybeeeeeee.

OOOOOH– what's up with me I hear you ask?
well the last few weeks have been jam packed (fuller than the jam factory itself) with work (yay new job– isn't it fab when you actually look forward to going to work? what a novelty experience!) training, and, riding my bike in mad circles. quite fun actually, as long as you don't a) get hit by a car (true story), b) fall off (another true story) or c) forget the key to your bike lock, after you have chained it to a pole– so clever!

enjoy the sunshine my children! you know I will be!

IMAGES BABY: chicmuse with THE bag, gorman swimwear 2011, karen walker sunnies, dolce and gabbana bag

Saturday, November 26, 2011

rachel rutt

this series of gorgeous photographs by the über talented 19yr old photographer Ryan Kenny of the über gorgeous rachel rutt in the (yep, you guessed it) über gorgeous australian wilderness is simply..... gorgeous!

the misty lens effect and de-saturated tones make for such a mysterious and dreamy mood- who wouldn't want to go camping after seeing this! i am personally craving some bare-legged running, and bare bottomed swimming. even the idea of a camp fire, and sleeping under the stars seems so damn attractive at the moment.
who wants to go camping with me?!

thanks to oracle fox for the heads-up. truly wonderful photographic work right here.

Friday, November 25, 2011

yeah yeah whatever trevor

some inspiration

for you

from me




all images tumbled from my tumblr in some irregular and rather audacious manner- i.e the last five pics i posted.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


i have been offline for the last week, and cannot express how much out-of-the-loop i feel. god-damn internet has been my never-fail source of what's-rad and what's-cool, and without it i feel, well, un-rad and definitely un-cool.

because of my lack of cool-awareness, i have nothing 'cool' to blog about. so, as an entry level post, bambi seemed oh-so perfect. can always rely on her to be über rad!

love this shoot more than candy right now...

thanks to oracle fox for the pics and description:

Bambi Northwood-Blythe behind the scenes shot by Cass Bird for the Bergdorf Goodman Resort Magazine 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

cat anyone?

today i got my uni assignments back from marking, and i am happy to say, the cats pulled through!
those feline fancies sure did make me proud, scoring me two beautiful HDs and giving me something to smile about.
I had a goooooooood feeling about these proj's and it is nice to get some über positive feedback for once. i am officially sans disappointment! who likes disapointment anyone – it's like everyone's seedy unrelated uncle, who just hangs around awkwardly at family functions, making rude comments and making everyone uncomfortable. a wet rag at a ravin' party. disappointment sucks!
butt (yes the bottom kind) I am not disappointed, so beb, don't worry about seedy uncle, cos he ain't here!

and so, in thanks to the cats which made my life so cheerful, I give you a pictorial ode-to-cats. enjoy and savoy!

all images from my tumblrrrrrrrr

Saturday, November 5, 2011

add to cart

just hit purchase on these two Urban Outfitters babies.
these funky pink jeans have been playing on my mind for some time now, and at $19.99 they were impossible to resist.
as for the drapey black cheap monday number – it reminded my oh so much of the drapey a-wang number i love so much. if i can't have the real thing i may as well splash out the thirty bucks to get a look-a-like, copy-cat version.
i am one happy camper!

images via urban outfitters- derrrrrrr

Thursday, November 3, 2011

what is this...some kind of design blorrrrg

since starting my new job at a design firm, i am finding more and more relevance in designy-things.
yeah, i know i should have found relevance in designy-things a long time ago, seeing as i am studying design at uni. ahhh well better late than never i guess!

so, here are some pictures of some cool design stuff i found floating around on the web. a few cats may have snuck into the mix there – the obsession is still going strong. I think perhaps choosing to theme two of my major project on cats was probably a slight mistake on my part...
i am even starting to dream about them...

image credits béb

vitamin p designed by julia hastings,
cartes pronomades by helmo (both viaffffound),

cats with fluroescent eyes,
the interview (both via hard workers club)

Stephen Eichhorn cats and floral thing and
november editors letter (via It's Nice That)