Monday, November 7, 2011

cat anyone?

today i got my uni assignments back from marking, and i am happy to say, the cats pulled through!
those feline fancies sure did make me proud, scoring me two beautiful HDs and giving me something to smile about.
I had a goooooooood feeling about these proj's and it is nice to get some über positive feedback for once. i am officially sans disappointment! who likes disapointment anyone – it's like everyone's seedy unrelated uncle, who just hangs around awkwardly at family functions, making rude comments and making everyone uncomfortable. a wet rag at a ravin' party. disappointment sucks!
butt (yes the bottom kind) I am not disappointed, so beb, don't worry about seedy uncle, cos he ain't here!

and so, in thanks to the cats which made my life so cheerful, I give you a pictorial ode-to-cats. enjoy and savoy!

all images from my tumblrrrrrrrr

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