Thursday, November 3, 2011

what is this...some kind of design blorrrrg

since starting my new job at a design firm, i am finding more and more relevance in designy-things.
yeah, i know i should have found relevance in designy-things a long time ago, seeing as i am studying design at uni. ahhh well better late than never i guess!

so, here are some pictures of some cool design stuff i found floating around on the web. a few cats may have snuck into the mix there – the obsession is still going strong. I think perhaps choosing to theme two of my major project on cats was probably a slight mistake on my part...
i am even starting to dream about them...

image credits béb

vitamin p designed by julia hastings,
cartes pronomades by helmo (both viaffffound),

cats with fluroescent eyes,
the interview (both via hard workers club)

Stephen Eichhorn cats and floral thing and
november editors letter (via It's Nice That)

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