Monday, November 28, 2011

flipping the bird

i am channeling some pretty crazy vibes at the moment– pretty much in keeping with my mood/personality.
i am literally going crazy over this dolce and gabbana baggy too. my infatuation has enveloped into a cyber-stalking sesh of any lucky fruitcake who has one. demi from chicmuse is high on the stalking list– what a babe she is. i mean honestly. WHAT A BABE!
Annnnnnd speaking of fruitcakes- who new gorman could be so witty. these high waisted bikinis are rad and the model wearing them, even radder. not to mention that epic fruit hat. i think i am lusting more over that tropical turban concoction more than the bathers themselves. I mean imagine sipping on fruit cocktails in the sun while fashioning such an eye-catching beauty! wow– if that's not béb-a-licious, i don't know what is.

and to top off crazed tirant of fashion musing– karen walker has pretty much blown my socks off with this new collection. those glasses take 'cat's-eye's' sunnies to a whole new level. i was still infatuated with her previous collection, and then BAM, WHOWZA, KAZZAM, out jumps this epic chunk of karen walker wisdom.
the mop heads are funky too. am considering donning a similar mop hair-do. what do you reckon? too wan? maybeeeeeee.

OOOOOH– what's up with me I hear you ask?
well the last few weeks have been jam packed (fuller than the jam factory itself) with work (yay new job– isn't it fab when you actually look forward to going to work? what a novelty experience!) training, and, riding my bike in mad circles. quite fun actually, as long as you don't a) get hit by a car (true story), b) fall off (another true story) or c) forget the key to your bike lock, after you have chained it to a pole– so clever!

enjoy the sunshine my children! you know I will be!

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