Saturday, April 28, 2012

rad bottoms and dinkum babies

I think it is clear that those people who turn their noses up at roll necks have obviously never experienced the pleasures of aforementioned item of clothing.
Aside from my collar-infatuation I also nurture a child-like fondness of roll neck jumpers. Therefore you can imagine my delight when my mother produced a pile of these sweater-like goodies. Destined for the opp shop, I snabbed these babies before mum was able to make the delivery. First on my to-wear list was the mucky, moss green, thick ribbed monstrosity. Love at first sight it was (Yoda would be proud).
In other news I am STILL waiting on my new Fjäll Raven bébé to arrive (it is the self same mossy green as this roll neck), yet rolling in the glory that is my new iPhone case (Hello, Hello Kitty!)

Love love love

This morning I made rice porridge– yum! Thanks Natasha for the kick-ass recipe.
I have also written a list for the day (always a good place to start) and am checking off items as we speak. Yay for efficiency!

Peace to all my sushi lovers, love to all my friendies and hope to the sun, which I hope will rear its head from behind the clouds.

Outfit details

knit: mum's hand-me-down (Basque)
jeans: cheap mondays (worn on a saturday may I add)
shoes: wittner
bag: made by me
socks: katmandu

Friday, April 27, 2012

and that's a wrap

My life at the moment consists of collars and coffee– in my opinion, two of the greatest things in existence. My three denim shirts have been on a constant cycle from hanger to body to washer. In all seriousness, if I had to recommend one investment piece, it would be a beautiful shirt– simple and subtle in colour, bangin in fit and über versatile. My three babies are from a variety of sources– opp shop, Wrangler and my most recent acquisition, Bettina Liano. My American Apparel sheer maroon number isn't too bad either :)
I am on the look out for a dark denim number– please link me if you know of any lovelies!

And speaking of coffee, I am slowly but surely compiling a list of the best soy-latte sources. So far it looks like this...
Richmond: Espresso 3121, Pillar of Salt
Armadale: Cooper & Miller's, Coin Laundry
CBD: Cup of Truth, Cacao
For me it has to be hot, creamy, large in size and completely lacking in that awful bitter cheap-bean taste. Preferably 5-senses, organic or fair-trade. Yes I am a bit of a coffee snob. 

all photos from my instagram

Sunday, April 22, 2012

add to cart

Loving Earth Mint & AFA Luvju's

Bulk buy


exciting promised

sunday has become my go-to day for blogging. morning to be more specific, but not in my pyjamas. I feel instantly more productive and able when fully dressed and ready– I find I can't even begin my daily jibs until I have completed my morning routine. That means breakfast, bathroom, wardrobe, room tidy. Definitely I am not one of those sunday slobs who laze around aimlessly in their pjs all day– not that there is anything wrong about this, but it's just not for me!

So, to get on with the plot of this aforme-described "exciting post".

I recently got a message from an ol' schoolie requesting use of my mini underwear collection (made way back in 2010) for a knit themed fashion photoshoot. Of course I said yes!
Anyway, the photographer ended up choosing two pics with my knicker-bockers featured... take a look for your self.

I am yet to find out how exactly the photos are going to be used, but they will definitely be welcomed items in my ever-growing portfolio of work!

So if you're reading...thanks Sammy!

Friday, April 20, 2012

the one, in which, we jump

another outfit post for a cheeky little photo booth snap of ma new hair. i'm getting better at this aren't i? snaps for gaby

this outfit looks all too much like my school uniform– probably inspired by my new cropped locks. yes, i finally got my hair re-done– this time with a whiter blonde dip dye. it may be rather passé, but I love it and think it looks rad.

skirt: made my mum
shirt: opp shop– possibly my best opp shop buy to date
knit: tommy hilfiger
shoes: wittner grandpa loafers

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I am yumming all over the place with the proenza schouler resort collection. yum yum yum

In the side-splitting debate over orange I am fronting the affirmative side with vigour and passion. Terracotta hues with a dash of mossy lime are my got-to colours for this shiver-season (the W word has been tactfully eluded to here to avoid me shuddering in seasonal demise.
My hatred of leg coverings have me loving these looks even more. Wearing shorts when its cold out may seem rather silly, but I think that Autumn is a time to celebrate this and embrace the bare-leg.

I recommend you check out the rest of the collection– its ace.

Other stuff that's new with me:
-growing realisation that everything acne is all too perfect
-growing desire to base my entire wardrobe on acne pieces
-growing realisation that I am a poor uni student and my available funds will never allow this to happen.

-currently loving wearing matching suit outfits
-as a result becoming obsessed with bettina liano denim and silk knit suits
-realisation that aforementioned funds won't allow for this clothes dream either

-online shopping has provided a much needed comforting hobby
-have recently purchased a new Fjäll Raven baby and two iPhone cases– both of which are probably all to horrific and tacky but rad all the same.
-am also hovering over the 'purchase' button on a Handsom anorak and platform oxfords.
-realisation that this hovering is not likely to last much longer and my bank account will soon be $200 lighter.

-on other yumming notes, am becoming obsessed with Loving Earth. Their LuvJu chocolate bars have literally become a staple of my diet. I recommend the bulk buy option here... these mint afa ones will be my next purchase once i've munched through my epic box of the coconut mylk!

-this friday will see the culmination of sushi and zac efron– this can only result in epic radness.

That's all bébés... stay tuned for an exciting post...something very cool is nigh!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

bum wars

who does the gorman booty better? me or anja.

tough call beb. birthday invites are on the line here...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Winter wanties

As winter rolls around I feel myself clinging to the last drops of sunshine and dreaming of summer days. Thank goodness I am planning an escape from the wintery blues. Italy here I come.

In the meantime, these are a few pieces I feel will give a burst of life to my winter wardrobe...

VPL Insertion and Stripebras
Faux fur fox tail keyring…ebay
Bettina Liano Block Shell top
Fjällraven Kanken Mini in moss lime

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Braving the cold

Winter seems to have made an unexpected and annoyingly early arrival in Melbourne. Seriously, yesterday I thought my buttocks were going to freeze completely off. However in my extreme hatred of pants, I rebelled against the cold and donned my Kermit the frog stockings. Paired with my all-time lover roll-neck, homemade swing skirt and clip-cop lego flatforms (not to mention a myriad of gold rings and bracelets) I felt rather fitting for the cold weather. That was until I stepped outsideand. aghast at the serious shill-factor ran back inside for my gaudy leopard print fur coat. This baby has never let me down– its almost like being inside a big cuddly teddy bear. Love love love.
I am sad that I didn't get a picture of it to show you bébés, but no doubt if the weather stays like this, it will be getting a lot more action.

skirt: homemade
rollneck: Sportsgirl
shoes: Zomp
tights: FAT
bracelets: Wolf Circus and Diva
rings: St Kilda market and Diva

Monday, April 9, 2012

hanging with hanneli, by tank magazine

I am absolutely loving this series of Hanneli shot for Tank magazine. She is an überall babe anyway without all this epic photographic magic, but hey, a little more baben can never go astray. And did I mention how freakin cool the clothes are? Check out the entire editorial here

What's new with me, I hear you ask, well it is Easter Monday and I am becoming more and more restless. Holidays, I think, are overrated in so many ways...I mean the first few days are bliss but then large voids of time start to appear in the day, and I find myself waking up in the morning with absolutely no idea about what on earth I am going to do. I need plans and activities to keep me busy, and right now the rather sodden pile of homework on my mental desk is so unappetising.

I NEED to get out...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

you heard what i said bunny!

wishing a happy easter to all my ragga-muffins...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

something to sink your teeth into

I feel it is about time I went to some trouble and posted a proper 'outfit post'.

I have been basically wearing variations of this outfit for the last three weeks. The leopard camisole is probably my favourite wardrobe item at the moment. It is so simple and easy to wear, and is satisfying my leopard-faze.
Annnnd I am not embarrassed to admit that I own the matching shorts, and shirt to go with this BL skirt. That is Bettina Liano, not Blind Librarian.

Shoes, although you can't see them are like blocks of black lego strapped to my feet. Kind of a cross between prostitute creepers and those japanese clog-foot things. Sah hot beb.

Ba-bling ba-bling is courtesy of Diva and Wolf circus. I know, Diii-vah, cringe. But I was so pleasantly surprised and excited when I went there the other day, and the spiked gold cuff and eye-can-see-you ring that I stepped out with were enough to turn that cringe into a cry of delight. Not as tacky as I thought...

I apologise for the weird images– I cannot resist the ol' photoshop, and have an obsession with over editing.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

thug lyfe

A bit of me on your plate. Nothing like some fatoush in your feed.
No idea what I'm on about? Its called Instagram– get on it.

I have been clogging the feed with snaps of life that would make the lion king proud. I am tired people. I can't write. God I can't even read.
Just look at the pretty pictures and feel content.

Do do list for tomorrow…
2. Rangle with the loss of day-light savings, and try and get up after 7am.
3. Try and tame my hair without the aid of a hair-straitener
4. Try and have a better day then i did last week– i swear last wednesday was the worst day of my life.

Monday, April 2, 2012

what cha doing? shoppppppiiinnnnnng

some hypothetical shopping at asos dot com is helping to break up my mammoth study sesh into smaller, more palatable chunks. i'm thinking sushi

i have no idea why i added these items to my hypothetical cart. their relevance is irrelevent. go figure...
while you do i'll just go shop some more.

happy chappies!

p.s i can't stop lol-ing at the chic in the butterfly jumpsuit. LOL-o-mania

Sunday, April 1, 2012


thought I might share with you one of my all-time favourite recipes...

Gab-gab's rice noodle salad

Vermicelli rice noodles
1/2 cucumber
cos lettuce heart
fresh mint
1/2 spring onion
soy sauce
fresh ginger
the tiniest bit of fresh chilli
*add any veggies you like!*

Pour boiling water over dried noodles and broccoli and leave to cook for 5-10 minutes.
Meanwhile chop the spring onions, cucumber and cos lettuce finely and put to one side.
Finely chop the ginger and chilli and put into a little bowl with soy sauce.
Drain noodles and broccoli and rinse under cold water. Throw into a bowl.
Top noodles and broccoli with spring onions, cucumber, mint and lettuce and serve with sauce! Yum yum!