Saturday, April 28, 2012

rad bottoms and dinkum babies

I think it is clear that those people who turn their noses up at roll necks have obviously never experienced the pleasures of aforementioned item of clothing.
Aside from my collar-infatuation I also nurture a child-like fondness of roll neck jumpers. Therefore you can imagine my delight when my mother produced a pile of these sweater-like goodies. Destined for the opp shop, I snabbed these babies before mum was able to make the delivery. First on my to-wear list was the mucky, moss green, thick ribbed monstrosity. Love at first sight it was (Yoda would be proud).
In other news I am STILL waiting on my new Fjäll Raven bébé to arrive (it is the self same mossy green as this roll neck), yet rolling in the glory that is my new iPhone case (Hello, Hello Kitty!)

Love love love

This morning I made rice porridge– yum! Thanks Natasha for the kick-ass recipe.
I have also written a list for the day (always a good place to start) and am checking off items as we speak. Yay for efficiency!

Peace to all my sushi lovers, love to all my friendies and hope to the sun, which I hope will rear its head from behind the clouds.

Outfit details

knit: mum's hand-me-down (Basque)
jeans: cheap mondays (worn on a saturday may I add)
shoes: wittner
bag: made by me
socks: katmandu

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