Sunday, April 22, 2012

exciting promised

sunday has become my go-to day for blogging. morning to be more specific, but not in my pyjamas. I feel instantly more productive and able when fully dressed and ready– I find I can't even begin my daily jibs until I have completed my morning routine. That means breakfast, bathroom, wardrobe, room tidy. Definitely I am not one of those sunday slobs who laze around aimlessly in their pjs all day– not that there is anything wrong about this, but it's just not for me!

So, to get on with the plot of this aforme-described "exciting post".

I recently got a message from an ol' schoolie requesting use of my mini underwear collection (made way back in 2010) for a knit themed fashion photoshoot. Of course I said yes!
Anyway, the photographer ended up choosing two pics with my knicker-bockers featured... take a look for your self.

I am yet to find out how exactly the photos are going to be used, but they will definitely be welcomed items in my ever-growing portfolio of work!

So if you're reading...thanks Sammy!

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