Thursday, April 19, 2012


I am yumming all over the place with the proenza schouler resort collection. yum yum yum

In the side-splitting debate over orange I am fronting the affirmative side with vigour and passion. Terracotta hues with a dash of mossy lime are my got-to colours for this shiver-season (the W word has been tactfully eluded to here to avoid me shuddering in seasonal demise.
My hatred of leg coverings have me loving these looks even more. Wearing shorts when its cold out may seem rather silly, but I think that Autumn is a time to celebrate this and embrace the bare-leg.

I recommend you check out the rest of the collection– its ace.

Other stuff that's new with me:
-growing realisation that everything acne is all too perfect
-growing desire to base my entire wardrobe on acne pieces
-growing realisation that I am a poor uni student and my available funds will never allow this to happen.

-currently loving wearing matching suit outfits
-as a result becoming obsessed with bettina liano denim and silk knit suits
-realisation that aforementioned funds won't allow for this clothes dream either

-online shopping has provided a much needed comforting hobby
-have recently purchased a new Fjäll Raven baby and two iPhone cases– both of which are probably all to horrific and tacky but rad all the same.
-am also hovering over the 'purchase' button on a Handsom anorak and platform oxfords.
-realisation that this hovering is not likely to last much longer and my bank account will soon be $200 lighter.

-on other yumming notes, am becoming obsessed with Loving Earth. Their LuvJu chocolate bars have literally become a staple of my diet. I recommend the bulk buy option here... these mint afa ones will be my next purchase once i've munched through my epic box of the coconut mylk!

-this friday will see the culmination of sushi and zac efron– this can only result in epic radness.

That's all bébés... stay tuned for an exciting post...something very cool is nigh!

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