Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Braving the cold

Winter seems to have made an unexpected and annoyingly early arrival in Melbourne. Seriously, yesterday I thought my buttocks were going to freeze completely off. However in my extreme hatred of pants, I rebelled against the cold and donned my Kermit the frog stockings. Paired with my all-time lover roll-neck, homemade swing skirt and clip-cop lego flatforms (not to mention a myriad of gold rings and bracelets) I felt rather fitting for the cold weather. That was until I stepped outsideand. aghast at the serious shill-factor ran back inside for my gaudy leopard print fur coat. This baby has never let me down– its almost like being inside a big cuddly teddy bear. Love love love.
I am sad that I didn't get a picture of it to show you bébés, but no doubt if the weather stays like this, it will be getting a lot more action.

skirt: homemade
rollneck: Sportsgirl
shoes: Zomp
tights: FAT
bracelets: Wolf Circus and Diva
rings: St Kilda market and Diva

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