Monday, April 9, 2012

hanging with hanneli, by tank magazine

I am absolutely loving this series of Hanneli shot for Tank magazine. She is an überall babe anyway without all this epic photographic magic, but hey, a little more baben can never go astray. And did I mention how freakin cool the clothes are? Check out the entire editorial here

What's new with me, I hear you ask, well it is Easter Monday and I am becoming more and more restless. Holidays, I think, are overrated in so many ways...I mean the first few days are bliss but then large voids of time start to appear in the day, and I find myself waking up in the morning with absolutely no idea about what on earth I am going to do. I need plans and activities to keep me busy, and right now the rather sodden pile of homework on my mental desk is so unappetising.

I NEED to get out...

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