Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Green green green

I am hearting green at the moment– the mossy lime variety to be exact.

My love for this flavoursome hue is oh-so-apparant from my latest instagram posts. I'll let the pictures do the talking, while my legs do the walking ;)

1. My current glass studio project.

2. The most beautiful coffee and colours at coin laundry cafe.

3. The perils of glass studio...whenever I use a Band-aid I cannot help but be reminded of that god-awful story from Andy Griffiths series about the whacky kid with the band-aid stuck to his head...makes me laugh everytime.

4. 'Eye can see you' artwork for glass studio.

5. Outfit... consisting of Gorman pants, Country Road knit, Karen Walker glasses, Tony Bianco boots, and my Fjäll Raven Kanken baby.

6. New (aforementioned) tony bianco boots– like little leather gumboots they are.

7. Caroline Baggi lea bracelet...my latest jewellery purchase from M'oda 'Operandi

8. Another outfit...hand-me-down roll neck, Cheap Monday jeans, Wittner platform oxfords, Katmandu socks and fur bag made by me.

9. My new Kanken baby...say hello!

10. some of my latest glass creations… sand-blasted diamond window and well-done badge 

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