Tuesday, November 1, 2011

floral vomit

people are talking.

yes, they are raving and ranting.

they are not discussing how 'happenin' and cool colour blocking is (because that is just lame), and they are not discussing the right and wrong way to wear neon, because there is only the wrong.

no, they are literally vomiting floral patterns at a rate which is beginning to threaten the lifespan of plain un-patterned fabrics. models are beginning to emulate floral couches from the 90s, and curtains from my grandma's house.

it should be no real surprise that I think this fashion of floral on floral bombardment is absolutely rad!

so, to prove my point i did some flicking on style.com and this is what i found. (please enjoy my googled couch also. i reckon its pri-tty bangin')

all images (minus the couch) from style.com

1. erdem spring 2012 – no one does floral like erdem. in fact until now, no one has actually done floral at all, apart from erdem that is, who do it EVERY season, without fail. who am i kidding, i dig their monochromatic (in a pattern sense) style. floral overloading is baben, and so are erdem.
2.stella mccartney resort 2012 – we've all been expecting this floral explosion from stella for a while now. at least ever since her graphic table-cloth floral print last season. and yes, its symmetrical and aligned and perfectly cut. everything you would expect from this tailoring master.
3. camilla and marc spring 2012 – nice to see some up-to-the-minute, fashion forward-ness from our aussie babes at camilla and marc.i am felling some romance was born vibes here....
4. céline resort 2012 –this is the extreme vomiting i was talking about. three-piece floral suit. hot, rad, baben, couch (couch is an adjective...)
5. funky couch doing funky things

alright peepies, that's enough from me. go watch some horses run around caulfield.



  1. What are your opinions on colour blocking? Yay or neigh (in the spirit of the Melbourne Cup) ?

  2. hey steph,
    i think colour blocking can work, but needs to be broken up somewhat with some crazy floral, or patterned mess. giant slabs of block colour head to toe will have you looking like a lego man....