Thursday, December 15, 2011

put that on your wanted poster

la garçonne is, in my case, a no-fail pick-me up. one glance at their "new arrivals" section has me grinning from ear to ear.
and yes, I know, not everyone will have the same cheshire cat reaction, but it is worth a look anyway.... check out the babe'n site here

every visit to this online boutique of epic awesomeness brings a new "most wanted list".
My current obsessions are tassels, baggy pants, knitted shorts, booty-boots (similar to bossy boots only cooler) and of course, karen walker sunnies– but you knew that already didn't you (cue cheeky all-knowing smile...)

drum roll please.............

rachael comey harem pants, wendy nichol bullet bag, rachael comey birdie boot, a-wang shorty shorts, vpl bra, karen walker shades.

i sigh at the beauty of these few items. so pretty, so chic (who says that....?). I reckon chic (pronounced chique– french accent is more than necessary here) is a bit like sassy. you never really think to use it, and when you suddenly do, it emerges from your mouth like some archaic piece of word vomit, hurtled through time and wind pipes by some drunken, confused and slightly romantic Scotsman (undoubtedly buried in your stomach)....

definitely words i need to use more often

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