Friday, December 23, 2011

have a very pantoney christmas

for those of you who know me, you will be aware (mildly at the least) of my Pantone obsession.
and, yes, i know, most people will be thinking what on this gohdly earth is Pantone. yet in my lazy pre-Christmas bottomly state, i do not have the effort or flow of words to formulate a satisfactory answer. and so, i say, thank goodness for wikipedia. read-up my colour-ignorant freundlings.

for those all-knowing individuals, you will no doubt understand my gasping joy when i spied these classy little numbers oozing from googl-ling searches.

behold the Pantone bauble. trumping the wits out of the Pantone mugs and iPhone/Paddy whack cases with a generous nudge of Christmas spirit. i mean imagine (just image my darlings) the ornamental delight of an entire tree covered in these sparking, colourful wonders. truly a graphic designers every wish would be granted with such a spectacle!

however, due to my locational flaw, these babies will not shower my very spirit with colourful joy this merry season...but being patient individual (i had to force myself not to type darling there. i mean, only true hedonistic hyaenas call themselves a 'darling') i am happy to wait until next year. or the year after for that matter.

what colour would you choose?

i guess in a rather diagonal manner, I am attempting to write a merry christmas message to all my happy readers.
thank you for the darling messages and engaged patience. hopefully the new year will see a boom in happy customers (could i call a blogging follower such a name?) and inspirational moments.

Merry merry christmas my dears! jingle those bells til there's no tomorrow. pear those partridges and red nose that reindeer– christmas is here!


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