Wednesday, January 4, 2012

shoppin' with ma eyes

list of my hobbies...
1. jumping over high bars
2. pumping weights at the gym (jks. my arms are to chicken to pump anything heavier than a can of tomatoes)
3. writing adjective-ridden essays for a living (yes that is actually my job)
4. hypothetical shopping sprees on net-a-porter.

the last item (of course) being THE most important.

needless to say this is what i have been doing for the last hour or so..... not sad at all. perfectly justified by the fact that i just got back from a shopping-free beach holiday, and am feeling a little deprived.
tomorrow is already booked-up with a trip to south yarra. boo yeah!

shoes which should be sitting on my mantle piece, but for some reason are yet to appear. quintessentially summer...quintessentially suave, and most importantly quintessentially damn freaking cool.

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