Monday, January 9, 2012

en lieu

i am currently working on another edition of my 'zine, lamely named this is a magazine.

im stepping it up this time bebs, with additonal features such as images which are not hand scribbled by moi, blogger interviews (cue gasps and oooh-ahhhhhs!) d.i.ys and an entry from brittany spears.

okay the last thing may have been a lie, but i promise this– this little zine is going to be epic. just wait and see!


p.s. check out this sexy banana. i can tell you are digging that fruit like hell!

fruit sculture by lauren hillabrant- a babe by default

p.p.s. i didn't realise how phallic this fruity artistic contraption was until just then. talk about Freudian!

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