Friday, February 17, 2012

Creatures of the Wind

I just discovered this collection by Creatures of the Wind. I know, right, who and what on earth is Creatures of the Wind and why have i never freakin bother to find them until now.
Apparantly they are a freakin (sorry for the crudenss) awesome fashion house excreting über collections like this one at a rate that is far from healthy.

This spring-summer '12 assémblégé (too many accents– get over it...) is like an intoxicating amalgamation of print, colour and crispness, threatening to disjoint Skippy and his beloved cornflakes after the very first look. Even the dead-pan Daria models have me choking, exuding 'this too cool for school' rad-ness that is now causing me to get asthma.

And yes, I have included the entire collection– don't complain, there is room for everyone...

Creatures of the Wind- spring/summer 2012


  1. Wow. I am taken away.
    I love the textural looks and the colors.

    I think I'd wear everything :)

    sending you happy spells