Monday, February 6, 2012

you know you want me

so, guys... i have to say 'i told you so!'

omg, pattern-on-pattern is so-hoht-right-now!

i hate to say i told you so, but did I not tell you so? me thinks I did.

needless to say i am crazy about this trend. i have always been a fan of double ups– denim on denim, monochrome dressing and now pattern with pattern is blowing my freakin' mind.

celine resort is so damn awesome, stella mccartney is beyond words and acne, well babe, acne resort is just too damn freakin awesome.
even blasted zara is getting in on the action, but they would being the copy-cat princesses they are.

lets not get over-excited though..............scrap that LETS GET EXCITED! WOOOOOOOOOH

okay babes, my mood is too whacky right now to write anything partly sensible so i will just get on with the pics.
(by the way, when viewing the following it is advised that you sing justin bieber out loud– 'you know you want me.......'

pics from: in search of little sadie, chicmuse,, circa now

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  1. The floral trend is awesome. Long may it last.