Wednesday, February 8, 2012

a couple of outfits

time to share a bit of outfit inspiration plussss......
just a couple of daggy instagram mirror shots detailing my latest outfits.

i am channelling a kind of industrial airy fairy-ness, with great emphasis on comfort and walking ability. the vans have been absolute babes.

in other news, i am due to lose all wisdom tomorrow, when some archaeological dental surgeon yanks away at my molars. i am expecting to awake a heavily induced slumber bearing puffer-fish like swelling and extensive bruising. in any case, you will not be seeing much of me for a while....

outfit one: cheap monday backless dress worn as a top, daggy lee cutoffs, vans in cloud

outfit two: men's wrangler denim button down, sportsgirl asymmetric skirt, urban attitude sunglasses, yellow swatch, the vans returned

outfit three: wrangler denim button down, gorman spotty jeans, le vans.

inspiration notes: acne is a babe, abbey trumps miranda every day of her pretty little life, asos is gaining my respect and boys who wear coloured pants and Hawaiian button downs are sexier than jude law is in the holiday– that is pretty damn sexy.

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