Wednesday, May 4, 2011

well isn't that just a little bit lovely

Review-ettes from Rosemount Fashion week

Kirrily Johnson: I found this collection a little bit awkward to be honest. Everything from the not-quite-angular cut pieces from the stance of the models- who, i must say, look like they have been forced into rigid pieces of cardboard, and had their hair plastered to their eyelids- sound uncomfortable (yes!), look uncomfortable (yes!). Aside from this, I am digging the orange.

Romance was Born: bloody weird- to be honest. But oh, how I love a bit of kook. 'Would you like some zaniness with that quirk'. This collection is like a cosmic collision of Pocahontas meets princess layer/ mermaid princess who happen to bump into a psychedelic hippie from the 60s and R2D2 from Star Wars. Am I also noticing some Cleopatra influences?

Lover collection: am feeling a little bit lack luster after flicking through this collection. i feel as though it is almost hitting the mark i would like it to hit, but somehow is falling short. the sheet lace and strong red feels oh so right, but somehow the rather wishy-washy skirts and soft lines leaves me feeling...well rather un-satisfied.


  1. lovely, love that third one

  2. I love the angles and cuts of the first two outfits! So incredible!

  3. Lovely photos

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    Kisses from pepa :X