Saturday, April 30, 2011

what to do with twenty-five dollars...

So, even with a very limited budget I still managed to lay my hands on some pretty coolies stuff. am a really lovin' bright colours, tacky leopard print, fake diamantes, glitter and all things bambi. The latest oyster magazine quite literally combines all these things into a sparkly, miriad of rainbow-bambi goodness- i highly recommend forking out the very reasonable 9.95 for this beauty.
these super-cool/super lame (still not sure which one) were in the X-marked dollar section at the op shop, and my fake nose stud diamantes in minty green are satisfying my colour starved mind.

op shop shorts, two dollar shop diamantes, ebay iphone case from hong kong, home-made fairy dust pendant, random cutlery charms, oyster magazine issue 92

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