Monday, May 9, 2011

i do like a bit of dion

I think dion lee had quite a task in presenting his spring 2012 collection. after such a stellar display of exquisite design in his last collection, one could not imagine that he could produce something nearly as great. i must admit that i was quite doubtful that he could replicate the stunning-ness of his last display- which literally took my breath away. the silk fabrics and crisp colour was gasp worthy.BUT, dion does
not cease to amaze the senses, and although his spring 2012 collection may (i say may with a touch of hesitance) not meet the standards of last seasons, buttttt it comes close.
the first looks replicate that crispness and formality of line and tailoring that we love, but the later looks took on a much breezier, lighter and much more feminine feel. I loved the freshness of the fabrics and their un-crisp appearance. some dresses even had a crumpl
ed (gasp!) look to them, contrasting so beautifully with the structured bodice seen earlier in the show and the layered tailored blazers and right chokers.

I must admit too, that I feel that the runway shots of the collection do not do the justice or capture the 'spirit' of the garments as well as the back stage images do.
When i first viewed the collection (via the runway shots) I did not really 'feel' the collection. but when i saw the sunny, light breezy images taken before and during the show I felt i understood dion's vision more, and could appreciate the delicateness of the pieces.

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