Thursday, June 10, 2010

the light at the end of the tunnel

Now that exams are over, i feel the need for a change- to introduce something new into my life, which at the moment is completely dominated by study, study, study and study.
Soooooooo, thus explaining this blog.

I want somewhere to express my ideas, compile my inspiration and just generally muse over anything, and maybe one-day have other people read and comment.... just a thought.

So in the wake of a busy chemistry-filled week, and after the slaying of an exam (which still remains in my mind like a looming monster disguised in my chemistry teacher's wooly mammoth coat) i am feeling inspired and slightly euphoric. Bar the forthcoming week of school i have a seemingly long and relaxing 3 week break from the mundane stress of year 12, and am already planning how to spend it.......sewing....drawing.... painting....creating and a lot of thinking.........

Here is what i am currently thinking about, while dangling off the cusp of my current sewing project:

some christopher kane bustier gingham action, and the gorgeous hanne-gaby (via

baggy, draped softness of rachael comy cropped tanks and runchy shorts (via la garçonne)

the pale sweet smoothness of the lonely hearts LONELY collection

fairy lights above your bed (via lolita)

illustrations by robert frank hunter

i'll let you know how it goes- knowing my very primitive sewing skills, what seems like a good and simple idea will end up terribly wrong!!

this concludes my very first blog post

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