Sunday, January 20, 2013

wang and the twins

My top fashion crushes right now are mr alexander wang and the Olsen twins. Wang has such a air of coolness about him. He oozes minimalist sophistication and his attention to detail in his designs is so refreshing. He looks like someone who works hard at what he does and takes pride in perfecting his craft. 

The Olsen twins are an entity of their own really. They too ooze a level of sophistication most people can only dream of embodying. They also have a hard-working mentality and I admire how much they have achieved already in life.

I find it really interesting reflecting like this. Nutting out who you admire and why, really makes you think about what you value in life and what qualities you strive to achieve. Obviously I admire hard workers and strive to be successful in whatever field I choose to pursue...

...who do you admire?

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