Tuesday, January 29, 2013

blogger series: part 2

Next up in my blogger series is the lovely Natasha from In Search of Sadie.

what are you wearing right now!? 
A pair of printed flares and a vintage Texas tee.  

your most wanted clothing item right now?? 
Right now I'm trying to find the Alexander Wang Neoprene Mini Dress in my size! I also still want those amazing Chloe Susan boots!

signature dish? 
Roast Vegetable Quinoa, I also make a Raw Carrot Cake & Raw Chocolate Truffles all the time, my go-to bring along dishes.  I'm actually cooking all the time for my food blog!

style/fashion muse…? 
I love late 60's style icons like Joni Mitchell, Charlotte Rampling & Jane Birkin.

three things I absolutely can't live without…? 
Water, air & food... unless we are talking fashion, then I would say my Balenciaga cut out boots, denim cut offs & biker vest. 

top three celebrity girl crushes…? 
Natasha Poly, Sasha Pivovarova and Magdalena Frackowiak

top three celebrity boy crushes…? 
Young Leo, River Pheonix, Johnny Depp

my daily reads…? 
online? My two very talented friends at Oracle Fox & Studded Hearts, I also read Oyster Daily & Style.com

if i could live anywhere in the world…? 
Tokyo, hands down the best city I have visited!

best dream ever…?
I'm not sure, I never remember them! 

the most baben person I know is…? 
my girlfriend Hirschy, total babe! 

Check out Natasha's blog In Search of Sadie here and her tumblr here yummy food blog here

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