Thursday, January 17, 2013

blogger series: part 1

As of today I am starting a new q&a segment on the blog, whereby I interview some of my favourite Australian bloggers! Nothing too in-depth, just some fun, light conversation.

Up first is the lovely, and baben Tessa-Jay from Circa Now...

What I'm wearing right now...?
My gym gear!

Most wanted clothing item right now...?
The entire Isabel Marant Spring 2013 range

Signature dish...?
Salmon sushi

Style/fashion muse...?
Kate Bosworth or Isabel Lucas

Three things I absolutely can't live without...?
My camera, boyfriend and coffee

Top three celebrity crushes...?
Blake Lively, Kate Bosworth, Lara Bingle

Top three celebrity boy crushes...?
R Patz, Adam Brody, Justin Beiber

Fave movies...?
Twilight & Harry Potter

Daily reads...?
My bestie's mag SRC783 

If I could live anywhere in the world...?
I love Melbourne however love New York and Beverly Hills! 

Best dream ever...?
I was a princess

The most baben person I know is...?
R Patz

Check out Tessa-Jay's blog Circa Now here

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