Thursday, January 31, 2013


I just had the most ridiculously foodie day. Almost as ridiculous as this weather! One minute its warm and sunny, then next its bucketing down and storming! Make up your mind Melbourne!
Anyway, I thought I should share my epicurean moments from the day!

The day started with my usual breakfast very much inspired by this

Then I hopped off to Prahran for my current favourite salad at St Edmonds . Followed by a lazy cup of tea and the crossword (indulging in my Nanna tendencies).

I then had to sample one of Mister Nice Guys cupcakes. Lets call it market research for my birthday cake!

And finally a stop at Spud Bar for dinner. Seriously satisfying day of eating!

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Thai beef salad and tea from St Edmonds. 
Berry boom mini cupcake from Mister Nice Guys.
Fresh veggie sweet potato from Spud Bar (I actually had the chilli bean, but was too hungry/greedy to take a pic- so i'm recycling an old photo- sorry lorry!)

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