Monday, October 3, 2011

they don't call me baggy for nothing

as i seem to be on a bit of a roll with dorky childish photoshopping, I decided to just continue on feeding on my cheesy obsession.

these clutches are all some clutchable. i mean- they are all so wrong yet so right.

I love the fuzzy growliness of the miu miu monstrosity and the jelly gooeyness of the christopher kane. wang wang's almost ear-muffed mirrored wonders are just SO GLAM and jil sanders pyramid rock generally speaks for itself- the triangle is the most perfect shape did you know?

all piccies from net-a-porter

from left to right (that doesn't make sense, but i;m sure you'll work it out...)
jil sander, christopher kane, proenza schouler, miu miu, christopher kane again, a wang, alexander mcqueen, proenza schouler again, dolce and gabbanna, wang wang returns.

keep laughing my dainty ragga-muffins


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