Thursday, October 14, 2010

lump in my throat

I thinks this collection is stunningly beautiful.... powerful. it reflects a sophisticated sense of tailoring and finite attention to detail.............but it's just not alex.
And I know you are all saying, well that's because it's not alex, and that I shouldn't compare because that side of alexander mcqueen (as in the label/brand/house) is gone forever. but everytime I read those two words I feel a lump in my throat.
Within Sarah Burton's collection I can see and almost feel alex. his ethos and personality is almost entwined into the garments- and I love this, but in a way it provokes this feeling of mourning and sadness in me, and I have trouble seeing the clothes as they are. I feel almost shrouded in his wake of hazey clouds, and cannot view it (the collection) with the freshness which I approach every other collection with.
I'm sure with time this grey mist will subside and I will be able to appreciate just how talented Sarah Burton is, but until then I cannot help but feel a little bit sad.


  1. Elle a relevé un sacré défi après la mort d'Alexander Mc Queen !