Monday, June 6, 2011

super-freak super-freak

i found the marni shoes
on ebay
and watched them get sold to some lucky poo for $158.
when it came down to it, i could not justify paying 200 bucks for a pair of shoes i loved, yet had never tried on. as daggy and grandma as it sounds, fit and comfort are so important and really, the enjoyment you get out of a pair of shoes depends on these two pivotal factors.
and yet 160 for the marni platforms of my dreams is such a bloody bargain.
poo you stingy self.

the problem is i actually could have afforded them, and have actually spent more on a pair of shoes which i ordered from sweden. so am not sure what is going on. maybe i am losing my shopping nerve.

so. as i watched the seconds count down, i felt so sad. i actually wanted to cry (no jks beb). i walked away from the shoes like a deflated hater of life.

but then the mail man came and delivered me a lovely surprise. two POP magazines. Argh I screamed 'dude this is sooooo cooool!'

so now i am quite happy. still pining over the loss of a great opportunity, but engrossed in the shiny pages of POP.

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