Saturday, March 24, 2012

Me want Mawi

Please excuse the extremely annoying title. I literally could not come up with anything better– and that's really saying something. Normally I revel in the challenge of coming up with some witty, adjective laden phrase, but today I simply cannot
This probably has something to do with the fact that I have spent the last few days writing endless numbers of articles packed with attempted humour. I expect the last few are more draining to read than they were to write.

So while traipsing through my endless piles of emails I cam across this literal gem of a link. Registering for M'Oda Operandi was well worth the effort just for this one find. Yes, lovelies, this is absolute gold. (yes even despite my grammatical weariness I still manage to pull something half funny from my bottom).

I have only heard of Mawi a couple of times (the exact time and place eludes me) but this time round, I am not going to forget.
A perfect fusion of spiked bracelets, rose gold linkages, blackened stones and textured metal come together in a metamorphasis of absolute genial. These cuffs put ASOS to shame and have jewellery designer scurrying back to their metal hot-house in wonder, amazement and utter embarrassment.

There is nothing I could say that would sum up the magic of these jewellery items.
Far beyond my wildestfinancial dreams, these beauties will never charm any wrist, lobe or finger of mine, but to be honest, the pictures alone are enough to add some magic to my day.

In other news, today I am heading off to check out the Bettina Liano warehouse sale. You know, it wasn't until about 2 weeks ago that ˆ discovered that BL was more than just a year-ten jeans brand. There was a time during my schooling where every girl had a pair of BL's and those who didn't have that haughtily obvious yellow tag protruding from their buttock was seen as an absolute dag. I never succumbed to the peer pressure, but from that point forward BL was tarnished with the snooty hinds of my peers.
Getting over this mis-perception was quite an achievement on my behalf and now I am pleasantly interested and intrigued by this Australian brand.

In risk of overloading your mind, and well, destroying my half-asleep one, I will leave you to marvel in the beauty of Mawi.

Buon weekend!

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