Thursday, August 9, 2012


I have been absolutely enthralled by this collection...

Shown at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin (oh to be the there!) it consists of some phenomenally psychedelic, holographic masterpieces. It is all about the details– like those holographic straps...beautifully simplistic yet ever so striking.

Followers of my tumblr will be well aware of my enthralment, but seeing as I now know (may I add that was absolutely no help at all. Possibly the first time that this fashion data base has failed me) what and where this collection was shown, I thought it only seem fit that I blogged about it.

In other news (goodness– saying that just reminds me of that Big Bang episode where Sheldon and Amy test their 'meme rumour theory') I have been pondering over the purchase of a pair of these babies.  Kinda the perfect spring shoe I feel? And how rad would they look with these two T-by Alexander Wang numbers. Oh so rad!

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