Saturday, December 1, 2012

ksubi paradise

My ksubi paradise tee arrive yesterday!
Annnnd it has taken me less than 24 hours to wear it. Definitely the mark of a successful purchase. I am really quite smitten with it- can you tell?

Seeing as I have committed myself to a tee-shirt and shorts summer, I feel less guilty about investing in some quintessentially summery tees. You really can't go wrong with palm trees can you?

I teamed my new favourite tee here with my Subtitled chambray pants. I am officially over tight jeans and these baggy numbers are so comfy, loose and cool.

In other news, I visit windsor smith today to try on these and these. I am happy to report that both are just as baben as they appear, and are joining my christmas wish list.


  1. Hey girl, nice blog good to see some fresh faces on the aussie blogging scene

  2. i love that tee pls say where i can buy it!!