Thursday, June 28, 2012

bingle my buttons

I feel so internet savvy scheduling all these posts for when i'm away. How on top of things am I???
I mean really, the few people who actually tune into this blog should feel very loved right now.

I have recently come to the conclusion that Lara Bingle is an absolute babe. I posted this recently on tumblr...pretty much sums up my thoughts on the bingle bottom....

um so i am not sure why not everyone can see it, but lara bingle is an absolute babe.i actually am in love with… her hair, her face, her clothes, her hairrrrrrr, her clothesss, her facccccce, her voice, her smileeeeeeeherrrrrrrrrrrrrr in bloody freakin general.lara bingle = b.a.b.e
I guess this realisation has come to the forfront simultaneously with her tv show airing. Having said that, I have always had a little soft spot for Lara, simply because of her amazing wardrobe and sensational beauty.
Watching the show has made me love her even more. She seems so down-to-earth and hard working. I love how normal and Aussie Lara and her family is, and how she doesn't take herself at all seriously.

She is pretty much topping my "coolest people" list at the moment...

Gab's list of rockin' bebs
1. Lara Bingle
2. Alexa Chung
3. Abbey-Lee Kershaw

And then in no particular order...
-Phoebe from Friends
-Rachael Rutt
-Julia Nobis
-Miley Cyrus

Currently on probation
-Kate Moss
-Hanne-Gaby Odiele
-Rumi Neely
-Isabel Lucas

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  1. Why aren't you number one on the babe list? You are on mine ;)