Saturday, June 16, 2012

ksubi made me do it

outfits from the last few days. 
sorry for the lack of blogging/tumblr-ing... I am currently dealing with an epic backlog due to the internet getting the go-slows. I mean how silly is it that "unlimited" internet access actually has a limit. lame lame, shame, lame.

anyway, i am now back on line, to be horribly cliché, so you can expect more of an online presence from me from now on.

p.s sorry for the lol-worthy photobooth shots. my awkward lean makes them even more of a joke. sorry lorry.

outfit 1:

jacket: agent 99
knit: ksubi
jeans: cheap monday
boots: tony bianco

outfit 2: 

shirt-dress: ksubi 
(don't you just love items of clothing that beg the use of a hyphen. two items in one– definitely makes it seem more of a value for money)
jeans: cheap monday
boots: tony bianco

I am slightly embarrassed to say that these two pairs of cheap monday jeans and tony bianco boots get worn almost on a daily basis. there is something so comforting in having two pairs of such unfussy pants which fit perfectly. And the boots– well they just go with everything, and they only seem to get more comfortable and better with wear.

and if you hadn't already guessed, the sudden influx of ksubi items is due to their end of season sale. the WAR collection has been an obsession of mine since its release, so naturally I had to invest in a couple of their leopard print numbers.

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