Friday, June 8, 2012

have a nice day

This post has been a rather long time coming, with me working on it for the last few days. This week has been fairly hectic to say the least with my time being stretched between numerous doctor's appointments, uni commitments and work. There has been little opportunity to scratch my nose, let alone write a blog post. Hopefully you can forgive my lack of 'online presence'– I certainly promise to post more often now that I am on holidays. Yes, as of today I am officially finished uni for the semester, and am therefore free! Yaya.
My list of things to do is slowly far looking a something like this...
- finish that bloody blog post
- visit Ksubi & Green with Envy for the awesome sales (in lieu of this, online stores will definitely suffice)
- find Daiso and bask in its promised Japanese glory
- seek out the Made by a Friend of Mine sample sale before it finishes
- order a box of chocolates from Loving Earth 
- organise a sushi night
- wash my hair

So, to number one on the list....

I have recently decided that the time to invest in a 'classy' 'forever' bag is nigh.
Up until this point I have made do with my much-loved Fjäll Raven Kanken babies. As much as I love them and will continue to use them until they literally fall apart, I am realising that having a beautifully versatile, leather bag could be rather pleasant and, dare I say, worth the large investment.

It is exactly that– an investment piece. Therefore requiring a large amount of research and deliberation. This is not a purchase I can rush– or want to for that matter. I will take my time, do the proper research and hopefully end up with the perfect thing.

I have come up with the following criteria...

  • must be black
  • must be leather
  • my stubborn efforts to avoid using that god-awful word 'tote' have been thwarted by the fact that I find myself scrounging for any other fitting word. So I must give in and say that... it needs to be of the "tote" variety– i.e. large and relaxed in style.
  • it needs to be lacking in adornment– unfussy. That means no studs, chains, sparkles, dinky lockets
  • it needs to beautiful and I need to love it (this goes without saying mind you...)

So with the aforementioned criteria, I have found the following bags

1. Cast of Vices Smiley shopper
I actually cannot get over how rad this bag is. I have had this bags plastic counterpart sitting on my mantel piece for the last few weeks and have wanted to use it as a handbag for just about as long. Literally one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time. I mean, it is called a "shopper"– how cool is that?
2. Deadly ponies Mr Hutch Bowler
Another classic and beautiful creation from the australian designers. Sans their signature fur, but definitely not sans sophistication and complexity of design– all bound together into something so sleek and simple looking.
3. Alexander Wang Donna shoulder bag
I am forever a fan of everything Mr A Wang makes, so naturally this bag is destined to delight. I love its slouched form and iPhone sized pockets on the front. The two toned leather is also kind-a fab, melding my love of navy with the versatility of black.
4. Marni convertible leather shoulder bag
I love a good back-pack, and this little convertible number gives the best of both hand and shoulder bag worlds.
5. Ameko leather slouch shoulder bag
The simplicity and relaxed shape of this bag promises for endless carrying comfort
6. Baggu Endlessly Useful shopper
Combine "baggu" with "shopper" and you get this rad little number. No its not leather and no its not really what I am after, but its cheap as chips and like a classy plastic bag– what is there not to love.
7. Deadly ponies Mr Chain Gang
8. Rebecca Minkoff Romeo satchel
This is probably (aside from the shoppers) my favourite. The two-textured leather and almost prismatic shape is really beautiful. I also love the choice of handles and therefore carrying options.

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