Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ksubi gone troppo

my memory is currently playing tricks on me...something tells me i have blogged about this collection before, but logic tells me otherwise. in any case, excess raving about ksubi is always welcomed by me.

this collection is currently my no. 1 source of inspiration for the coming summery season  (although with the present sunshine, anyone would be fooled into thinking aforementioned season was already upon us). hawaiian print denim and palm tree patterns have me spinning with excitement, such that I am having trouble finding words other than damn-freakin-awesome to describe them. not even pineapples can trump this excitement- and that's saying A LOT!

unfortunately my infatuation will have to wait for such items to hit the stores. inpatient as i am, it is well worth the wait. also, in a more practical sense, it gives me time to save my pennies before embarking on my spending spree!


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