Tuesday, February 12, 2013

lil lord fauntleroy

Just writing that post title has me a fit of giggles. Heaven knows what or who on earth lil lord Fauntleroy is, but Romance was Born must think very highly of him to name their Autumn/winter collection after him.
Actually, Fauntleroy (the dictionary states) is a excessively well mannered or elaborately well dressed young boy. Who knew! Suddenly things are making a bit more sense.

Usually I am turned off by overly flouncy, frilly, vintage-inspired prints, lace trim, doily-esque motifs and all things girl, but I find myself strangely excited by this collection of mish-mashed grandma garments. The dog-on-dog print is really too cool, and the almost sassy twist on high-tea attire has me smiling rather than grimacing. 
Having said this, Romance was Born always bring an element of humour and wit to their collections, so I shouldn't be surprised at all.

I love how the wide-legged Japanese inspired pants have contrasting prints front and back, and the way that frilly clutch emerges from behind the dress, as if it is an extension of the garment itself. The colours are more aggressive than passive and this prints so outrageously over the top.

I'm still unsure as to where I stand on this collection. It goes against every morself of my minimalist taste, yet satisfies a certain yearning to be ever unpredictable. It could be love, it could be hate, either way I am a little in awe.

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