Saturday, February 23, 2013

Clockwise from left

3. Alexander McQueen iphone sleeve and cuff

I want to dress in a way that is simple, yet classic, and elegant. I think there is really something to be said about, not only buying expensive clothing (this is really only the first step), but being able to wear them in a way that gives justice. I sigh out loud when I see expensive, beautiful garments worn in a way which, undermines their beauty. I cannot imagine how frustrating this is for the designer and I can only hope that they never see their clothes being worn in such a way. 

I think there is also a way in which we can dress to look expensive, classy and elegant without spending extreme amounts of money. Dressing to suit our bodies is, in my opinion, the most important aspect. And not following trends for the sake of being "cool". You will always look and feel better if you instead concentrate on wearing things that suit you and reflect your personality.

So, having blabbed on a bit too much (feel free to gloss over my rambles), this is my dream outfit at the moment. I don't think I will ever tire of Balenciaga's derby boots, and Acne make the perfect denim jackets. Paired with a simple, clean cut Wang shirt dress and Comme des Garçon clutch (plus some sneaky phone and arm bling) I think this outfit is the image of sophistication and cool.

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